Since children learn better when they experience practically the knowledge that they receive through class teaching, THE VITS SCHOOL’s focus shall be on imparting experiential and research-based learning where every child is given due attention. Thus, apart from the curriculum being highly flexible and analytical, THE VITS SCHOOL focus will be on simulating brains so as to ensure that children develop the ability to think creatively. Besides high quality teachers, the knowledge will be imparted through multimedia such as power-point slides through LCD projector and with latest relevant software’s with video and audio inputs for effective learning. Futher, apart from all the indoor and outdoor sports facilities, even field trips, excursions, will be organized.

Step First | Aim

Clarify the outcome of every lesson so students know beforehand what they will learn.

Step Second | Action

Perform an activity to experience concepts first-hand & understand their use and application in real life.

Step Third | Analysis

Reflect on the experience & ask probing questions to uncover and understand the concept further.

Step Fourth | Application

Practice solving real world problems in the workbook to solidify understanding and build skills.

Step Fifth | Assessment

Get real-time feedback across conceptual understanding, applied thinking & english language fluency in order to improve performance.

The assessments will be continuous and individualized, based on multi layered classroom methodology.Differential Instructions cater to varied learning styles and behavior among children. Also, the practical, intellectual and the social skills will be shaped through carefully chosen activities of classroom and beyond.


Helps every child open the doors to higher order thinking skills, confident communication and lifelong learning. It prepares our students to be confident and ready with the skills required for higher studies and 21st century careers. At home, XSEED children take more interest in studies and work independently on home assignments.

Ashish Rajpal at MIT
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