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IMO -Winners of Gold Medal
05/03/2020 | IMO -Winners of Gold Medal

THE VITS SCHOOL feel proud to announce that three of our students –

Pariniti Pandey – Grade 1, Soumya  Chouhan – Grade 3, Atharv Vyas – Grade 7 have won Gold Medal in IMO- International Mathematics Olympiad (19-20).  We congratulate the students and their parents, for all the efforts they have put in. 

National Science Day Celebration
28/02/2020 | National Science Day Celebration on 28/02/2020

THE VITS SCHOOL celebrated National Science Day on 28th February to commemorate the day on which Sir C.V. Raman discovered the Raman Effect.


The students of grades 6, 7 and 8 presented several science projects through Power point presentations. The topics were influential (like White Revolution, Carbon footprints, Healthy Food, etc.) and educative; some of them were presented with the models. Children (audience) asked questions and made the presentations more interesting. 

Keeping our surroundings clean
23/11/2019 | Keeping our surroundings clean- as part of the curriculum

Kids of Grade Nursery performed the cleanliness activity in school premises. 

Skit on Gandhi Jayanti
01/10/2019 | Skit on 150th Gandhi Jayanti

The birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (Gandhi Jayanti) is celebrated on October 2 as a national event across India. This day is also observed across the entire world as the International Day of Non-violence.


To mark the 150th Birth Anniversary of Gandhiji, THE VITS SCHOOL had organized a special Assembly on Tuesday, 1st October, 2019. It started with a prayer and followed by a heart touching Skit, presented by the students of grades 4 & 5.


The topic of the skit was “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma” or Nonviolence. The act had no dialogues but still expressed the theme and objective in a very pleasing and appealing manner.

Visit to Jimmy Macgilligan Center
30/09/2019 | Visit to Jimmy Macgilligan Center for Sustainable Development

The idea of environmental conservation gains real momentum if we are able to conserve resources and use them in a manner that they are sufficiently available for the coming generation as well.

Yes, we are talking about Sustainable Development. It is a process that provides for the present generation without compromising on the needs of the future generations. To explore and feel this concept, THE VITS SCHOOL had organized a motivational visit to Jimmy Macgilligan Center for Sustainable Development, founded by Padma Shree Dr. Janak Palta.

1.    The students were explained about the important role Solar Energy can play in our day to day lives and how we can reduce our dependence on LPG, electricity and other such non-renewable sources of energy. There was a huge variety of Solar cookers which could cook everything naturally.

2.    The Organic and Medicinal Farm was worth watching.

3.    Then, the students observed power generation through Windmill and Solar Panels.

4.    Mrs. Palta is living a Billionaires’ life, whatever she is using in her day to day life is completely Pure and Organic. The food, water, cosmetics, everything.

5.    The best example of Zero Waste Life, is observed by the students.

6.    The students understood that Sustainable living is the need of the hour and should be one of the most important Fundamental Duties of every citizen.

Ganesh Utsav
28/08/2019 | Ganesh Utsav

To celebrate Ganesh Utsav in an eco-friendly way, the students at VITS School made eco friendly Ganesh idol on Wednesday, 28th August, 2019.Enthusiasm among the students was so high that the entire atmosphere transformed in to real old Indian culture. Children made Ganesh idol from clay with devotion, passion and creativity. They also put seeds in to the idol so after immersion also, Ganeshji will bless them as plants and trees.

Investiture Ceremony
27/08/2019 | Investiture Ceremony

Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life”. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, a school council is formed at The VITS School and the investiture ceremony held on Monday, 26th August, 2019.The Academic coordinators gave the badges and sashes to the prefects and the Principal presented the sashes and gave badges to the head girl and the head boy. The student’s council took the pledge to hold the motto of the school in high esteem.Tanvi Pateria of Grade 8 is elected as the Head Girl of the school.Ansh Sharma of Grade 8 elected as the Head Boy of the school.The following is the list of Prefects and their respective committee:

  1. AnshBarve – Grade 8
  2. JayantBagdi– Grade 7
  3. NishitaJaiswal – Grade 8
  4. Aditya Rathore– Grade 7
  1. Anasha Siddiqui – Grade 7
  2. Atharva Vyas – Grade 7
  3. Harsh Chauhan – Grade 7
  4. HarshitaChhapriya – Grade 7
  5. AnupriyaMeena - Grade 7
  6. Ishaan Sharma– Grade 7
  1. HarshitSoni – Grade 8
  2. SamriddhiNihale– Grade 6
  3. ShubhpriyaMeena – Grade 6
  4. Ram Chhapriya– Grade 6
  5. VisheshWadhwani – Grade 6
  6. Anuradha Joshi – Grade 7

Soil Study of 8 class students
20/08/2019 | Observation of Soil

As a part of their curriculum, students of Grade 8, observed different types of Soils e.g Alluvial soil, Black soil, Sandy soil, etc.Students read about the different types of Soils from the book, then identified the soil by observing the colour and texture.Then they tagged the Soil with the name, main features and the regions where it is found in the country.

Life Skills Activity(grade 3)
10/08/2019 | Table Manners Session

At VITS School, we consider Life Skills subject to be of utmost importance and every topic related to it, is taught thoughtfully and practically. Table Manners session was conducted for Grades 3, 4 and 5. The aim was to explain the importance of Table manners,how to behave on Dining Table and some rules to follow while having food. The students observed the arrangement of utensils and cutleries and then they practiced how to use Fork, knife and spoon. Some pictures are shared here.

07/08/2019 | Election Campaign

Students Voting at VITS School
07/08/2019 | Election day at The VITS School

Thursday, 8th August was election day at The VITS School. The students had to vote in for new members of the Student Council.On the morning of the Polling Day, one by one, the pupils entered the school A V room, now converted into a polling station,complete with a table for the election staff, a waiting area, a polling booth and a ballot box.The candidates campaigned with lots of enthusiasm during recent days. They prepared many creative campaign posters that they placed all over the school.All the candidates were promoting peaceful values, showing their willingness to contribute to improving the life of their fellows during the school year.

Grade 4
06/08/2019 | Table Manners Session

Grade 5
05/08/2019 | Table Manners Session

Colorful Day Celebration(Purple Day)
31/07/2019 | Pre-Primary Classroom Activity

Red and orange, green and blue,Shiny yellow, purple too. All the colors that we know, live up in the rainbow.Red and orange, green and blue, Shiny yellow, purple too.Yes, its colour celebration in VITS School. The pre-primary kids tried their hands on Primary and Secondary colour palette.Monsoon is considered to be a season that makes everything more colourful. It’s the perfect time to learn colours. Lot of Fun activities are conducted to enhance their colour knowledge, which ended up with Garden visit so that they can relate all the colours with nature.

Orange Day
30/07/2019 | Classroom Activity

Green Day
29/07/2019 | Classroom Activity

Yellow Day
26/07/2019 | Classroom Activity

Red Day
25/07/2019 | Classroom Activity

Blue Day
24/07/2019 | Classroom Activity

Group Activity
22/07/2019 | Classroom Activity

Group Activity conducted in Grade 5 about how to grow seeds. The aim was building the concept of different stages of cultivation like ploughing, manuring and irrigation. The students themselves sown Soya bean seeds, watered them and observed little saplings within 2-3 days.

Green Day
10/07/2019 | Green Day Celebration

Trees represent life, growth, peace, nature.They give us hope, insight and courage to preserve,15th July, 2019 was celebrated as a Green/plantation day at The VITS School. The main aim of this drive was to spread awareness to protect the environment from degrading. The event was successful as students of Grade 5,6,7 and 8 planted various trees in the school premises. They also shared the names of the plants and their benefits.

Day 1 of session 2019-2020
24/06/2019 | School re-opening Day

School Bells are ringing loud and clear, Vacations are over, School is here. 24th June 2019, day one at THE VITS SCHOOL was really impressive and colorful. It was a lovely combination of smiles and tears. Children enjoyed the activities like dance, music, art and craft and sports with great enthusiasm. Everything was special- the lunch, the class room and the schedule.

LIfe Skill Activity
| LIfe Skill

As per CBSE norms, we have introduced a new subject in the school curriculum, Life Skill.Life skills is a set of skills that enable us to effectively handle issues commonly encountered in daily life. It can be any skill which makes the life more purposeful.Keeping the meaning of Life Skill in mind, we had conducted an activity in the school i.e. Washing Utensils. Students of Grades 5 and 6 performed the activity very enthusiastically while the students of Grades 3 and 4 observed very closely.Some moments are shared here.